2023-2024 Program

All meetings begin at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted and will be in person meeting at the Stamford Center Volunteer Fireman’s Association Hall, 2275 Dorchester Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S4  Online meetings (using the Zoom platform and shown in red will begin at 7:00 PM)  Meeting invitations for online meetings will be sent through email before each meeting. 

Zoom is free to use and can be used on a desktop or laptop, tablet or cell phone. 

Monday September 11, 2023Ray Lonsdale – “Waterfalls – Where and How”
Monday September 18, 2023Competition #1
Monday October 2, 2023Freaktography – Urban Explorer
Monday October 16, 2023Competition #2
Monday November 6, 2023Terry MacDonald – “My Own Back Yard – Photography Close to Home”
Monday November 20, 2023Competition #3
Monday December 4, 2023Donna Brok – “What’s in the Frame?”  
Monday December 18, 2023Pot luck and Competition #4 – Early start
Monday January 8, 2024Macro/Tabletop Hands On Workshop
Tuesday January 23, 2024Rob Stimpson- Following the “Group of Seven” Route (Virtual via Zoom)
Monday January 29, 2024Competition #5
Monday February 5, 2024“You Be the Judge”
Monday February 12, 2024Competition #6
Thursday February 15, 2024“Capturing Motion”- Betsy Wilson (Virtual via Zoom)
Monday March 4, 2024Jeff Barnes- “Photojournalism”
Monday March 18, 2024End of Year Competition
Monday April 15, 2024 Rainbow Competition at NFCC (Updated Date)

Monday September 11, 2023 – Ray Lonsdale- “Waterfalls – Where and How”
Waterfalls are a favourite subject for photographers. Ray will explore the reasons why we love them so much; he will show the different types of waterfalls that can be found, how he finds them and what he does to get there to photograph them. Ray will also talk about the best gear needed for waterfall photography, as well as basic editing techniques and software.

Monday October 2, 2023 – Program: “Freaktography”
Dave of Freaktography.com, originally from Niagara Falls, will bring us a specially prepared and curated Urban Exploration Photography presentation featuring familiar abandoned and derelict places from all over Niagara Falls and beyond. His presentation promises to bring us photos and stories of many local facilities you have probably seen yourselves from the outside but never dared to venture into, and he tells his stories with entertainment, humor, and intrigue. We will learn how this photographer got his start as an Urban Exploration Photographer, see a number of specific locations he’s explored along with the often entertaining stories of how he got in and what happened once inside.  We will also learn what gear he uses and then some tips and things to consider when photographing abandoned places.

Monday November 6, 2023 – Terry MacDonald: “My Own Back Yard- Photography Close to Home”

Photographer/Author/Educator Terry MacDonald will inspire you to “think local”; to consider “where we live” as great material for exploring photography; to use your own backyards as a place to investigate and practice, and as a place for inspiration. The aim is to become an expert in your local environment, where you have the advantage of visiting (and re-visiting) when the lighting is ideal. 

Monday December 4, 2023 – Donna Brok: “What’s in the Frame?”  

Framing the subject is the most important thing you can do when taking a photo, compositionally and artistically. There are many techniques and types of framing for organizing and positioning your subject within a scene. Many. Some ways are easier to do than others. Donna will take you through her thought process when framing a subject or framing a scene, identifying the ways in which she does it.

Monday January 8, 2024 – Macro/Tabletop Night
In this hands-on workshop, there will be a variety of tabletop setups to photograph. Bring your camera- a tripod will be very useful, but no specialty lenses are needed. Some extras this year- try your hand at pet photography and vintage cyanotype photography with Eric Baloga.

Tuesday, January 23 (7:30pm)- (Virtual via Zoom) Rob Stimpson- Following the
“Group of Seven” Route

Join Rob as he takes you on a journey of the many locations the renowned Group of Seven painted. Algoma has created the “Group of Seven Route”, a driving tour that explores Algoma’s iconic landscape. His presentation starts in Algonquin Provincial Park, then follows the Group’s migration to Algoma. He will touch on First Nation’s artists, women in Canadian art and some of the other locations the GO7 painted, places such as Baffin Island and Northwest Territories.

Monday February 5, 2024 – “You Be the Judge”

In this hands-on workshop, several selected images will be judged, scored and critiqued by you, our members. Learn the thought process that goes into judging an image, and learn what to pay attention to before submitting your own images for competition.

Thursday, February 15, 2024- (Virtual via Zoom) “Capturing Motion”- Betsy Wilson
Creativity and experimentation motivates Betsy to explore the world of motion photography.   A combination of traditional techniques of controlling shutter speed with some non-traditional concepts using camera motion and light-painting, Betsy’s images inform and inspire us to try new ideas. Using your camera to capture motion in ways beyond what we see with our eyes results in endless creative possibilities. 

Monday March 4, 2024 – Jeff Barnes- “Photojournalism”