On October 14, 2023 the Niagara Association of Photographic Art will be hosting a 1 day seminar featuring Roman Kurywczak (https://roaminwithroman.com/).  Roman Kurywczak is a professional nature photographer for over 18 years who conducts lectures and workshops across the globe.

You can often find him out in Arches or Yellowstone National Park late at night photographing the nighttime landscapes and calling it fun!

Roman will present 4 separate programs:

  • “Nature Inspired”
  • “Macro Redefined – without a tripod!”
  • “Photographing the Night Landscape”
  • “Photographing Birds – from portraits to flight”

Roman’s program is sponsored by Tamron.


The Fall Seminar will be held at Stamford Center Volunteer Fireman’s Association Hall, 2275 Dorchester Road, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, Ontario. 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM


The ticket price for the day is $60 CDN and includes lunch and refreshments. Ticket are available below. Our payment processor is PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may use the ‘Pay with a credit or Visa Debit’ option when sent to PayPal.

About Each Program

Nature Inspired

Come join Roman as he takes you on a visual journey of our world both near and far.  His presentation: “Nature Inspired”, is the story of how a city boy from NJ came to enter this exciting field of photography with images I have spent the last 30+ years capturing.

Like most people, he had a regular job and looked forward to photographing on his 2 weeks of vacation.  While he worked, his mind would escape to the wondrous natural places he would soon be visiting and lift his spirits as he counted down the days for his journey to begin.

Roman’s passion for photography has allowed him to connect with our natural world and heightened his overall experience of the places he visits.  He has spent countless mornings photographing magical landscapes and has been privileged to watch some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth.  Some of the locations visited are quite exotic but he also relish the time spent photographing local subjects to keep his skills sharp.  Our natural world has forced him to look more closely at all the beauty that surrounds us.  The advent of digital photography has given him the tools to push the limits of both his gear and himself.

His hope is that by sharing his vision of our natural world it will inspire you as you look through your own lens.

Macro Redefined – without a tripod!

In this program, Roman will share with you all of his technical tips and tricks needed to take your close up photography to the next level without having to rely on a tripod. Many people are comfortable with creating shallow focus closeup images but he will show you how to achieve consistently tack sharp images, all in a single frame, simply by using a flash, and handheld!

Topics will cover specific settings as well as traditional and non traditional gear to maximize your time spent out in the field or indoors. Overcoming distracting backgrounds will be discussed in depth with photographic examples showing you how easy they are to handle. The key to Roman’s success is using flash correctly to properly balance any exposure and achieve dramatic results.

Roman will explain some frequently used tricks by the pros so that you can easily apply them in the field or studio to quickly improve your closeup skills. Many of these tips and tricks are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own. During the entire lecture you can ask questions to ensure that you go home with a better understanding of all the topics covered in the program and create tack sharp images of your very own.

“Photographing the Night Landscape”

Roman will lead you through an educational how-to program designed to open up your eyes to the possibility of photographing landscapes with the star filled sky as a backdrop!  The subjects covered will be on necessary equipment as well as camera setting for both the Milky Way and star trails. There will also be a a new, short segment, on photographing auroras. Some additional topics covered will be overcoming the challenges of focusing and composing at night and some minor tips on post processing the images.  The program will conclude with a segment on “blending images” night images because of light painting restrictions in the national parks.  Students will leave with a clear understanding of the techniques required and implement them out in the field for themselves. Questions will be encouraged during the entire presentation.

You can find the newest version of his e-book “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Landscape”, released in 2021, on his website.

Photographing Birds – from portraits to flight

This instructional program represents a fundamental change in the approach today’s bird photographers should take when planning a bird photo shoot, especially when it comes to birds in flight!  Come join professional nature photographer Roman Kurywczak,  as he covers everything from gear,  to settings, and techniques, while also providing insight on some of the most common mistakes photographers make in this exciting field. 

Questions are encouraged and answered throughout the presentation so that those attending gain a clear understanding of the principles of bird photography.